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Body Contouring

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Body Contouring

Body contouring is a general term that refers to any procedure that alters the shape of different areas of the body. It can be done by both ways that is by surgical process as well as the non surgical process. At Nirmal Skin & Hair Clinic we follow the non surgical process which is through a technique called MesoLipolysis.

MesoLipolysis is a sub type of Mesotherapy that targets fat accumulation in undesirable areas. This treatment works by administering fat dissolving actives into fat cell layers to rid the body of excessive fat and cellulite. MesoLipolysis makes it possible to achieve a well sculpted and toned body. Now it’s easier than ever to make saddle bags, thick arms, double chins and love handles completely vanish with only a few injections.

MesoLipolysis is highly effective in reducing localized fat deposits. The benefit of this treatment includes regeneration and improvement of skin elasticity. It also contains various botanical extracts and biomimetic peptides to increase fat metabolism and melting. The treatment also improves lymphatic circulation to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Another advantage of the MesoLipolysis treatment is that the skin will continue to tighten with the reduction of fat.