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Facial Contouring

facial filler

Our bodies change throughout our lives as a result of lifestyle and the aging process. One of the places where change is most visible and often unwelcome is the face where declining muscle volume and looser skin result in wrinkles and loss of fullness.

In the past, the only answer was an invasive surgical procedure, with its inherent risks and long recovery time. But now there is an effective alternative for people who want to improve their appearance without have to “go under the knife”.

Facial fillers are suitable for:

• Adding volume to lessen the effects of aging, especially in the cheek and chin area
• Creating a more defined facial contour
• Creating or restoring facial symmetry
• Correcting superficial lines and moderate wrinkles
• Correcting deeper lines and folds, such as forehead grooves and nose-to-mouth (nasolabial)laughter lines