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Natural Protein fillers


The soft padding in the face is due to fat tissue. The fat tissue is not like one single sheet of fat but is distributed as small pockets. These pockets do not age synchronously but independently, meaning, some pockets age faster than others. Ageing of fat is either by resorption (leading to hollowness) or liquefaction (leading to sagging). This leads to hollowness around eyes, loss of nice cheek contour, saggy cheeks, hollowness of the temple area, thinning of lips and rolling-in of lips, down turning of the angles of mouth and prominent laughline crease.

Natural Protein Fillers

Nirmal Skin &  Hair Clinic helps you replenish your skin’s lost volume with essential natural proteins, such as hyaluronic acid. As hyaluronic acid is produced naturally within skin, there are no risks of allergic reactions. So go ahead and experience a completely natural facelift.