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Hair Restoration

Hairfall Reduction

Hair Restoration

How to Regrow Hair

Hair Restoration, This therapy involves delivery of platelet rich plasma into the scalp which stimulates new hair growth and strengthens even the weakest of hair types. HairRegro utilizes your body’s own regeneration ability allowing for natural regeneration and rejuvenation of healthy hair. The therapy also radically improves the density of hair on your scalp and works at restoring a receding hairline giving you a youthful look.

Hair Restore

This treatment activates the stem cells at the very roots of your hair to bring about radical hair regeneration. Hair Restoration also revives the genes involved in hair growth by dermaroller. The treatment dramatically helps improve hair thickness while also improving the quality of your hair!


Do you want to stop the dramatic hair fall at the earliest? The MesoHair therapy is rescue service that halts the hairfall and promotes hair growth. This unique treatment involves a direct delivery of active ingredients into your scalp for better penetration of medicines giving you more than just satisfactory results. The MesoHair therapy also helps steadily improve blood circulation around the hair root to provide better nourishment, thus enhancing healthy hair growth.