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Holi – India’s most colorful festival is approaching! And of course all of us should enjoy it!!

Holi – India’s most colorful festival is approaching! And of course all of us should enjoy it!!


Holi – color of festival

Let’s see how we can play a skin safe holi….

The colors used mostly contain lots of chemicals which invariably causes irritation to the skin as well as damage hair.


Instead of buying random colors one can get organic colors or prepare few at home e.g., for yellow color mix turmeric in water, for red color – use beet root juice or soaked and ground rose petals, for green color – grind any green leafy vegetable!

Now that we have our own natural colors let get ready to take care of our skin and hair.

Avoid any chemical treatment like perming, coloring, straightening on the hair atleast a week before. Oil your hair thoroughly on the scalp as well as the strands of the hair. Oiling protects the hair from the damage caused by the toxic colors by forming a protective coating on the hair. You can choose any oil of your liking. However, many scientific studies have confirmed that the coconut oil especially the cold processed or extra virgin variety is supposed to be the best! Because of low molecular weight and its affinity to skin and hair proteins, it coats the skin and hair and avoids protein loss as well as prevents entry of chemicals or irritants into the skin or hair. Avoid leaving the hair loose open. Instead style them into a ponytail, bun or braide it. Finally don’t forget to wear a cap, hat or the best would be a bandana to make your style statement!


moisturizing regimen for skin, you can instantly hydrate your skin with the HydraInfuse™therapy at Nirmal Skin and Hair Clinic to make your skin soft and supple. A well hydrated skin is pretty resistant to the damaging effects of the colors. Just before you set out to play, apply loads of moisturizer (non-comedogenic) and sunscreen on the face! Do not forget the lips and the ears. Apply a lip balm which offers UV protection.

Preferably wear full arms shirts, kurtis and trousers, pants, salwars etc. Avoid being in the sun after playing with the colors. The colors might dry up and it might become difficult to get rid of them.

Don’t forget to protect your nails with a nail polish.Men can use transparent one!!

With all this preparation you can surely have a skin safe holi!!!

Once you have played with the colors…comes the question, how to remove the colors from the skin and hair?

If there are dry colors, just dust them off first. Then take a shower in lukewarm water. Apply a very mild shampoo or a baby shampoo on the scalp and hair. Leave it for some time and rinse it off. Do not use too hot water as it may further damage the hair. Do not forget your conditioner. If some color remains it can be taken off in the next wash, don’t worry. Take some lukewarm oil and massage gently into the skin which has the color. Do not scrub or rub your skin, it would only aggravate the dryness and make the skin very sensitive. Avoid using harsh cleansers or soaps on face. Use a gentle cleanser with a pH of 5.5. Even if some color remains it would be cleansed off in subsequent washes. Avoid any chemical treatments on the face till it becomes normal. You can take ultrasound based cavitation peel which cleanses the skin through creation of sonic bubbles without any usage of chemicals!

In case of any irritation or any reactions please consult a dermatologist immediately.

Wishing you all a very happy and skin safe holi!



Dr. Urmila Nischal

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