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Laser Treatment – Acne

Laser Treatment Acne

Laser Treatment Acne


Acne commonly referred to as pimples are related to the oil secreting glands which are attached to hair follicles. Hormones regulate oil gland functions and play a major role in the formation of acne. At Nirmal we offer Laser treatment for acne that not only cure skin of pimples and scarring, but also help improve the overall condition of skin.

Acne Clearing Peels

Get clear, smooth and clean skin with potent yet skin-friendly clearing peels. Composed of various fruit acids, Acne Clearing Peels gently exfoliates dead cells on your skin’s surface. These peels help cleanse pores, it purifies skin from the inside out, and helps replenish the skin. The treatment can significantly decrease the number of acne spots, help remove blackheads, oil, and debris, reduce pore size appearance and improve skin texture.

Laser Treatment For Acne

Laser Treatment for Acne, Acne Laser is a light that penetrates the acne lesions thereby significantly reducing the number of the bacteria which are present in the lesions. Decrease the active lesions, helps in reducing the comedones as well. It’s a safe and effective treatment option for the large and resistant acne. All treatments or procedures done for acne are to control the occurrence of new acne, mitigate the damage caused by acne in the form of dark spots and pits / Acne Scar Removal.