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skin toning


This treatment helps hydrate your skin making it soft and supple. Normal saline which resembles tissue fluid is delivered in to skin thereby effectively restoring your skin of all its lost moisture. The process also involves infusing an adequate amount of Hyaluronic protein into skin, which helps bind down sufficient moisture bringing that life back to your skin, giving you a fresh health look.


Your skin is treated to a gentle exfoliation with the help of a hydrajet. The exfoliation is then followed by a milk peel which is applied to revitalize and nourish the skin. Post Instafresh, the condition of skin is visibly more vibrant and fresh. This skin lightening mask also helps significantly brighten skin complexion.


Dead cells are removed mechanically using crystals. This procedure improves blood circulation and instantly helps firm-up your skin. The anti-ageing mask which follows this aforementioned process enhances skin tightness and also makes scars seem less prominent. You’ll soon be ready to reveal a younger and better you!


This facial helps in leveling-out your complexion bringing about a uniform skin tone. The procedure works by first stimulating collagen buildup in skin. Vitamins are soon after delivered into skin which helps drive away skin dullness.