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Laser Toning a Skin lightening Procedure

Laser Toning a Skin lightening Procedure

Laser Toning


Laser toning is a quick, lunchtime skin lightening procedure with none to minimal downtime. It is most apt for people with busy schedule who cannot handle the hassles of peeling of skin which happens with chemical peels.

Laser toning works at reducing the stubborn pigmentation which is many a time not amenable to peels. The reduction in pigmentation brings in the charisma to skin and helps in rejuvenation. When fine hairs are covering the skin and masking its glow, this procedure helps in demelanizing these hairs making them fragile. Often these fragile hairs fall off spontaneously leaving behind a smooth glowing skin.

Collagen, the very essence of a youthful, taut skin gets stimulated by laser toning and hence skin rejuvenation is a bonus benefit of laser toning.

Come experience this awesome therapy to add glitter to your celebrations this festival!!


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