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Pigmentation Treatment

Pigmentation treatment

Pigmentation Treatment


Pigmentation on face refers to the discoloration of skin. Which occurs due to the presence of melanin, the pigmenting agent responsible for the dark black-brown tones existing in concentrated areas within the skin. Deeper the melanin harder it is to clear them. The increase in melanin can be physiological like sun tan or may be due to various other causes like skin allergies, pimples, hormones induced, obesity, genetic tendencies, vitamin deficiency, birth mark or any other internal illness.

Skin Lightening Treatment For Peels

Composed of various fruit acids, lightening peels gently exfoliate dead pigmented cells on your skin’s surface, thereby dramatically reducing discoloration while also brightening your overall complexion. Some of these peels consist of anti-aging properties as they significantly reduce dyschromias (hyper-pigmentation).

Laser Treatment For Face Pigmentation

For those who suffering from hyperpigmentation, the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser treatment does a thorough job of eradicating dark and discoloured skin in affected areas with artistic precision. This laser treatment is also used globally in the removal of undesirable permanent tattoos. The Q-switched laser treatment makes your wish of waking up to radiant, rejuvenated and pigment-free skin a reality!


Bring back life to your skin naturally! The MesoFace process delivers vitamins, minerals and essential plant extracts directly into the skin, giving it much needed nourishment for radiant, healthy and youthful skin. After treatment, your skin not only feels firmer but is also free from blemishes and other skin imperfections.