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Other Skin Ailments

psoriasis treatment

We offer sound and effective treatments to our patients who are affected with other skin conditions. If you suffer from irritation, blotchy skin, red rash caused due to dryness, or other skin ailments; we at Nirmal Skin & Hair Clinic care to help you every step of the way, ensuring you get necessary treatments that drastically improve the condition of affected skin. Below are some of the other skin ailments we treat at our clinic:


Vitiligo which is also referred to as Leucoderma consists of white patches involving any part of the body including the hair, lips and genitalia. Exact cause for this is unknown, but it increases during periods of stress. Treatment of vitiligo is aimed at stabilizing the progression first and then improvising the color. Former is done with medications and latter with medications as well as procedures like phototherapy, skin grafting, dermabrasion and laser.


Psoriasis is a dry scaly condition of skin which is often associated with itching. They may also involve palms, soles, genitalia, nails and joints. They adversely affect the quality of life due to the rash, scaling and itching. Dryness aggravates scaling and hence this disease tends to increase in winter. As the skin goes dry in psoriasis, keeping the skin soft by regular use of abundant moisturizers is the key stone in its management. Treatment modalities include medications both internal as well as the topical applications and phototherapy.

Atopic Dermatitis
Atopic Dermatitis is a dry, itchy red rash present commonly in infants and children, though adults are not spared. They usually occur over cheeks, legs and buttocks in babies who are less than 2 years and involve body folds in others. The natural skin moisturizers are deficient in these individuals and it leads to impaired skin immunity. Because of this deficiency, moisturizers are very crucial in the treatment of atopic dermatitis.