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Skin Firming Treatments

Natural Protein fillers

Skin firming Treatment

Skin firming Treatment is Little or no recovery time and very natural-looking results top the list of reasons why a non-invasive approach to skin tightening and rejuvenation are in such high demand. With the most advanced technology offered at Nirmal Skin & Hair Clinic, our patients seeking firmer, healthier looking skin can now attain the desired look without having to go “under the knife”. Below are some of the treatments offered at our clinic

Radio Frequency Treatment

Restore natural skin elasticity with Radio frequency Therapy, ideal for the achievement of firmer skin. Radiofrequency waves penetrate deep under the skin’s surface to stimulate the growth of natural collagen. Increased levels of collagen production provide skin with necessary strength and tightness for visibly youthful looking skin.


Get a pain-free non-surgical facelift done within a matter of a few minutes! Now wiping away fine lines; gifting yourself a perfect arch for your eyebrows and getting rid of a double chin couldn’t have been more convenient. The threadlift process involves threads that act as anchors to stimulate collagen production within skin; hence the results are not just quick but are also prolonged!