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#1 What is a visit to a good dermatologist like?

Good dermatologists have actually seen you and your skin without makeup (if you are wearing makeup, they will ask you to remove it). They talk to you and spend more time with you. They let you tell them your concerns. They will explain, in detail, various treatment options. They will give you precise directions for how to use prescription products. They will ask you about what other products you are using and make sensible product suggestions for your skin type.

#2 What is the difference between acne scars and acne marks?

Acne marks are changes in the color of the skin. The skin becomes darker. This is called hyperpigmentation. Acne scars are textural changes in the skin secondary to acne. They are depressions in the skin. They could be of skin color or darker.Which one is worse to have? Definitely acne scars.

#3 Does popping pimples make them go away faster??

Definitely not!! In fact if you press your pimples the chances of developing dark marks and scars increase. So never touch or fiddle your pimples. Leave it on the medications !!

#4 I feel a pimple forming, how do I prevent it from getting bigger?

Stick to the daily skin care routine of cleansing and toning. Apply a topical antibiotic cream of clindamycin in the day time and a cream containing adapelene at the night. Do not touch, pinch or fiddle your pimples.

#5 What oils are best for acne prone skin?

Acne prone skin is generally oily. Any kinds of oils are better avoided!!

#6 How can you add moisture to dry hair?

First, reduce the number of times you shampoo your hair a week. Shampoos can strip hair of its natural moisture, making it appear dull. Look for thicker formula conditioners and use one every time you shampoo, leaving it on hair up to three minutes. You can even condition hair on days you don’t shampoo with a leave-on conditioner. After washing your hair do not dry them immediately with a dryer, instead keep them wrapped in a soft towel for sometime for the hair to absorb the moisture.

#7 What can I do to prevent dandruff?

A chronic condition that causes excessive flaking and itching, dandruff can happen to anyone. To help prevent dandruff, avoid overusing styling products, including sprays, gels and mousses, that create build up on the scalp. Use antidandruff shampoos containing ZPTO, ketoconazole or sertaconazole twice weekly initially then once a week. Avoid using excessive hair oils. As the fungus causing dandruff thrives on the oils thereby increasing dandruff.

#8 Is it safe to get chemical peels done?

It is absolutely safe if done by a qualified and trained dermatologist. A dermatologist would decide the peel best suitable for you after a detailed skin examination. In fact regular peels act as a very good anti aging treatment!

#9 Should I use sunscreens daily?

Yes sunscreens needs to be used daily, irrespective of the seasons whether its summer, winter or rainy!!
And also they should be applied even if you are indoors.

#10 Will laser treatment be painful?

No. The laser which we use is not painful. Infact its feel is described as equivalent to a hot stone massage.

#11 how long does the laser treatment takes?

In depends on the body area which is being treated. For small areas like upperlip its less than 10 minutes!!