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“I entered the clinic with lots of insecurities and I walked out with a new level of self esteem. The skin growths on my face made me feel insecure but after the treatment, I finally feel comfortable in my own skin”

Payal Chawla

“One word for Nirmal Skin & Hair Clinic is “excellence”. My treatment was wonderfully implemented. The doctors here are very professional. It was a great experience. The team here is up to the mark”

Swati Mukherjee

“Thank you would be an understatement when talking about Dr. Nishchal. He is the best person I interacted with regarding my pigmentation. The doctor always kept me informed regarding the treatment. The results are commendable.”

Sapna Mudaliar

“I had severe acne all over my face but the doctors here made my skin as good as it could be. It was a delightful experience. The attention that the doctors give to each and every detail of the treatment is commendable. ”

Nivedita Sharma

“The team here is very professional. The doctors here are very attentive and services good. I came here to treat my unwanted skin growths and all I can say is nothing is as great as Nirmal. The treatment was carried out very hygienically.”

Varun Gupta

“It has been a beautiful experience and all my problems have finally vanished. It is all because of Dr Urmila. She is one doctor you can completely rely on and trust blindly.The doctors here have magical hands.”

Ananya Jana

“My experience at Nirmal Clinic was wonderful. I got my botox treatment done here and the results were just great. I am surely going to recommend Nirmal to all of my friends. The services here are fantastic and the doctors are very friendly.”


“I underwent a Dermo filler procedure. I barely felt discomfort at any stage of the treatment. It surely did make a difference to how I felt about myself and now I can walk with greater level of self esteem. The treatment gave me a natural and a fuller look which made a lot of difference to my appearance and I am very happy that I visited Nirmal Clinic.”

Karmik Verma